Dual Studies with valantic DXA

You would like to study dual with valantic DXA?
Here you can find out how a dual study program works with us!

In addition to internships and apprenticeships, we also offer a dual study program as an entry-level opportunity at valantic DXA. We work together with the DHBW (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University) and send our students to the campus in Ravensburg. We are currently training students in "Business Administration - Media & Communications Management" and "Media - Media Design".

Why would a dual study program with valantic DXA be good idea?

A dual study program has many advantages. Probably the biggest is learning with practical relevance. You can put the theory from the university directly into practice and thus have a much more lively and lasting learning effect. In addition, you not only learn something at university, but of course also in the practical phases at valantic DXA! So you can finish your studies and already have extensive work experience. In addition, you have a secure income during your studies. You don't have to work part-time like other students, but can do what interests you and earn a fixed monthly salary at the same time.

How does the study program work?

After you have successfully completed the application process with us, we will contact the university and register you for the appropriate course and period of study - of course, this all happens in close consultation with you! As soon as everything has been clarified, it's time to sign the study contract. After that, everything is ready and we can start working together.

Studies at the DHBW run in three-month cycles. This means that within each semester, our students spend three months in the theoretical phase at the university and three months in the practical phase at our agency. In total, the program consists of six semesters, or three years, until you get your bachelor's degree.

Here are a few impressions of the current students with us:



With the company since 2020. Areas of responsibility:

  • Media-Design
  • Webdesign


When did you start at valantic DXA and what semester are you in?

I started at valantic DXA in October 2020 and am now in my 4th semester. It was really cool that I was accepted right away despite the online application interview.

Why did you decide to do a dual study program with valantic DXA?

I decided to do a dual study program so that I could gain work experience during my studies and also learn how everyday life in an agency works in addition to the theory. And I ended up at valantic DXA because I was looking for an agency in Munich and valantic DXA even offered the dual study program as a position.

What do your practical phases at valantic DXA look like?

In the practical phase I work in the creation team, where I am involved in many exciting projects. In every second practical phase, I write a project paper that combines the theory from my studies with practical experience in the agency. Here I work on a larger project, about which I then write a scientific paper. You also learn a lot of new things and are always in contact with your colleagues.


Marketing Manager

Joined the company in 2019. Responsibilities:

  • SEO, SEA
  • Social Media
  • Concept Development


When did you start at valantic DXA and what semester are you in?

I started at valantic DXA in 2019 with a long-term internship in online marketing, which went on for just under a year. During this time, I also decided that I would like to continue my time at valantic DXA and then started my dual studies the following October. I am now already in my 4th semester.

Why did you decide to do a dual study program at valantic DXA?

I originally came to valantic DXA with the intention of doing a dual study program and bridging time until then with an internship in that erea. At that time, it was not clear to me which company I wanted to go to for the dual studies. During my internship here, however, I realized how much I liked working at valantic DXAand that the agency would also be interested in working with me as part of my studies. At that point, other companies were no longer included in the planning. So one thing led to another and I'm still happy about my decision!

What do your practical phases at valantic DXA look like?

During my practical phases at valantic DXA, I'm mainly in online marketing. However, because I am involved in many different projects, I also get an insight into the other departments. I partly look after smaller customers who only have a small budget with us, but I'm also often assigned to major customers, where I'm involved in the creation of larger SEO analyses and marketing strategies, for example.


Wir hoffen, du hast einen guten Überblick über das Leben eines dualen Studenten bei uns bekommen. Falls du noch Fragen zu dem Thema hast, kannst du dich natürlich auch jederzeit gerne an uns wenden! Unsere Studis können dir aus erster Hand deine Fragen beantworten. 

Are you thinking about a dual study program with us?

We are looking forward to your application!