DGTLS Rafting 2022

Teambuilding at 13°C!

For years, it has been a tradition at the Christmas party that the management presents three events in which colleagues from all locations can participate as a thank you for their commitment in the respective fiscal year. Since the interests within the agency are very different, it is always ensured that the selection is as wide-ranging as possible. In the past, the program included activities such as quad biking, mountain karting, soccer golf and various cooking courses. This time we decided to jump into ice-cold mountain water in skin-tight suits....

Rafting on the Tiroler Ache river

Above all, our Traunstein office offers an exceptional location in the middle of the Chiemgau region. Mountains, lakes, rivers and a magnificent scenery make working in the Chiemgau area a real pleasure. Not only the colleagues from Munich, who come to Traunstein from time to time, want to benefit from this - several others have already made their way along the edge of the Alps to go rafting.

The tour was carried out by the experienced provider “Sport Lukas” in Schleching. At the meeting point we were equipped with the most important equipment - wetsuit, vest, shoes and helmets - and transportation by bus to the starting point. The tour started in Kössen in Austria and led trough the Entenlochklamm along the Klobenstein back to Schleching. A total of 13 colleagues in two boats took part in the tour.

After a short introduction on the calm first section, only briefly interrupted by the first small crash between the two boats, things got a bit more competitive in the area of the gorge. Despite the low water level, everyone had strongly use their paddles to master the white water passages - a relaxed swim section rewarded the team effort. Here we could really enjoy the wetsuits for the first time.

The trip along the Klobenstein was a fascinating experience, which, by the way, can also be done by foot - the smuggler's path between Ettenhausen and Kössen makes it possible. The final highlight of the almost three-hour trip was the floating through a stream, thrills and fun included.

On the quiet last section, everyone had another opportunity to use up any energy left. A boat was kelt over - the battle cry "1-4" has since become popular within the agency. As a reward for the challenging excursion the whole team went out for food and drinks.


The events always offer the opportunity to meet up with different colleagues from the agency in person. It is not often that a CEO tries to push colleagues into the water with a paddle. If one would serve every cliché, one could claim that we are sitting in the same boat at events...

However, the events are perfect for communicating with each other and getting in contact with colleagues from other projects, teams and locations. Teambuilding pays off, even with a water temperature of 13° Celsius.

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