Give your company a voice!

Audio marketing refers to marketing measures in which the marketing message is disseminated via auditory channels. This includes, for example, advertising on the radio or on various streaming providers such as Spotify. By verbalizing your message and repeating it, you anchor yourself in the memory of your customers.

What opportunities does content marketing via audio spots offer?

In contrast to attention-intensive content formats such as video, the recording of audio content tends to run in the background or parallel to other activities. Many people start their day with the radio or a podcast - whether brushing their teeth, having their morning coffee, or driving to work. Background music or podcasts are part of the ritual and thus automatically have a positive connotation. So by placing content appropriately, companies can simultaneously reach a large target audience in a positive environment. Podcast listeners in particular can be easily addressed through target group-specific content marketing due to the targeting functions. By using the reminder technique, where the same message is repeated frequently, a recognition value can be achieved. Nowadays in marketing, it is already possible to reach a large number of people digitally, through online marketing, social media or video content, with a small budget. Audio marketing is another great tool to further expand your company's opportunities in the online or digital space.

Advantages of audio marketing:

  • Potentially large audience
  • Target group specific appeal
  • High level of creativity possible
  • Use of the "reminder technique" for radio spots
  • More attention for unknown brands


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Audio-Marketing at DGTLS

As a full-service digital agency, DGTLS has experts who know how to cover and professionally manage all areas of the marketing process. Our holistic approach allows us to provide complete all-round support. This consists of the following elements. Requirements, current trends and goals are discussed in a joint workshop. The input is used to create a concept consisting of format, type of storytelling and channel specification.

  • Kick-off workshop to discuss requirements, analyze current trends and elaborate objectives
  • Concept development incl. creation of a roadmap
  • Identification of suitable speakers (internal or external)
  • Creation of content incl. suitable format and content
  • Booking of the appropriate advertising platforms or suitable podcasts
  • Continuous analysis through the use of several tools
  • Smart optimization
  • Constant management of measures
  • Cross-promotion across the entire Internet
  • Feedback and further recommendations

Our team is in contact with both the client and the advertising platform during the entire project phase in order to guarantee the best possible distribution of the content and the greatest possible return. Of course, we can also take over only individual steps of the overall process, such as the creation of individual audio formats or the booking of advertising partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


On which platforms can audio marketing be placed?

"The Age of Voice has arrived" - according to researchers, the triumph of voice assistants is having a major impact on users' daily usage behavior with media and is also ensuring that audio content is once again on the rise. As is the case everywhere in the social media environment, the existing back channel is crucial for increased usage in the new generation. Voice assistants can be used not only to listen to content, but also to issue commands. A presence in this environment is therefore very important for companies.

Like so many communication channels, audio marketing is now mainly consumed digitally.

  • Radio channels
  • Podcasts
  • Streaming platforms
  • Youtube
  • Google

Audio content as a marketing tool

The podcast format in particular offers numerous opportunities to address your own customers appropriately. Since the format is growing continuously, podcast marketing is a very useful extension of one's own marketing mix. Users turn to podcasts actively and voluntarily, similar to newsletters. They range from influencers to interviews to corporate podcats to absolute niche topics. What works is allowed.

As a digital agency, we support you in all matters relating to audio marketing. We're happy to help you add an extra layer to your marketing mix.