Gen AI in Creation

As an innovative service provider in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence (Gen AI), we offer numerous solutions that can customize and optimize your presentations and web applications. The use of Gen AI ensures shorter process phases, is more agile and faster. We offer consulting, support and implementation in the following areas:

Image Generation

We support you in the creation of AI-generated visuals.

In contrast to stock photos, these can be individually adapted to your needs in order to present and play out the messages in a more specific and targeted manner.

We are happy to support you with your projects.

Customer Avatars

We are able to create AI avatars based on real people. We take care of the entire implementation, from capturing the image material to post-production of the video recordings and specific language training for the avatar.

To optimize the individualization one step further, we can also implement the language cloning. In this way, we ensure that real people communicate your message with your real voice as avatars with an initial outlay.

We would be happy to support you with your projects.

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To improve the user experience of web applications, we produce small animations, such as rive animations or cinemagraphs. This brings variety to your application and makes it appear more modern.

Based on static images, we use micro-animations to significantly optimize the user experience. Exciting experiences can be created with just a few settings.

We would be happy to support you with your projects.

Individual customer image worlds

We support you in creating unique visual worlds that are individually tailored to your customers' wishes.

This allows you to improve the customer experience and stand out from the competition with a high recognition value.

We are happy to support you with your projects.

If you are interested, please provide us with a little more information via mail. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with concrete suggestions and ideas.