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Release 10.5.0

February 2022

The Pimcore release 10.3.0 in February 2022 includes two great features that are very useful for websites with multiple language versions and/or for websites with a large product catalogue. The Shared Translations have been completely revised and tidied up, so that translations are now much easier to maintain. You can choose between html, plain text and rich text for the translations.

Release 10.4.0

When overwriting assets, a warning message will appear in future, and users will also have the option of keeping both the new and the overwritten object. Checkboxes also make it possible to select and move a large number of assets at once - this feature is useful if a large number of assets have to be adjusted on a regular basis.

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Previous releases

A brief overview of past Pimcore releases:

Release 10.3.0
  • √úberarbeitung der Shared Translations
  • Optimierte Filterung innerhalb der Data Objects
Release 10.2.10
  • Bug-Fixes
Release 10.2.9
  • Improvement to the Primary Key Cache
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.8
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.7
  • Improvement of link generation for MockUp objects
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.6
  • Update PhpStan
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.5
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.4
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.3
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.2
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.1
  • Bug fixes
Release 10.2.0
  • Support for AVIG graphic format in thumbnails
  • Queue mechanism for long-term processes in the background
  • Adding itemIds to menu items is made possible
  • Restriction of code/config editing in the admin interface
  • Numerous improvements to existing features