Pimcore - One of the most flexible and powerful CMS in the world

DGTLS is Gold Partner of Pimcore and here we are going to explain all advantages of this amazing CMS to you.

Pimcore has won numerous awards since its release and is used by a number of well-known companies for their websites - including Intersport, TUI, expert, Burger King & maxdome. We, too, have successfully implemented more than one hundred websites with the CMS, and with each project we are again impressed by the well thought-out features and flexibility of the system.

What makes Pimcore better than other systems?

Pimcore fulfils the basic functions of a content management system with flying colours: when it comes to daily content maintenance, creating new sub-pages, changing the site structure, creating linked language versions, adapting URLs, metadata, etc., there is hardly a more comfortable CMS than Pimcore!

Well thought-out comfort functions, an intuitive drag-and-drop system and a clear file and asset management including internal image editing functions make content maintenance even easier.

Pimcore also works lightning fast with large & complex website projects, allowing you to work fluently.

But the system is much more than just a classic content management system - Pimcore can do much more.

In addition to the conventional functions for content maintenance, the CMS also represents a very good E-COMMERCE-PLATFORM for small to medium-sized ONLINE SHOPS, offers a unique product information system and is also innovative and well thought-out in the area of file management. In addition, the developers of the software have understood which requirements for a CMS result from ONLINE MARKETING - and especially Search Engine Optimization measures. Pimcore supports the user instead of putting obstacles in his way like many other content management systems.

So is Pimcore an all-round perfect Content Management System?

The perfect CMS for all websites does not exist in principle - but in our experience Pimcore is an ideal and very flexible solution for most website projects, and has hardly any real weaknesses. Especially we recommend the CMS for more complex websites, which need a strong individualization in the area of the Responsive - Design, and for websites with integrated online shop or attached interfaces, because the attached Zend - Framework can simplify the work here around a multiple.
Pimcore is also an ideal choice for large, international websites with different domains and many language versions, because it simplifies the implementation enormously and makes the daily administration & content maintenance very comfortable.

Some Pimcore features:

  • Translation Management
  • Rest-Webservices
  • Scheduled publications
  • Powerful native API
  • Localization options
  • Modern debug mode
  • Response optimization
  • Data synchronization between Pimcore instances
  • UI Personalisation
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Processing images in the system
  • Drag&Drop Editing
  • ...and many more

The points listed here show only a small selection of the features & possibilities that Pimcore has to offer. We will be happy to explain the advantages of the system using practical examples and show you the websites we have implemented with Pimcore.

Tobias Sterner

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Tobias Sterner


As digital agency in Barcelona, Munich and Traunstein, we are happy to support you in your task and advise you in detail about this CMS.



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