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Product Information Management: The future of data management is now!

What is the biggest internal challenge in every company, whether medium-sized or global player? COMMUNICATION, of course. Entire professions have emerged from the obvious inability to communicate effectively across departmental boundaries. This is sometimes due to the fact that different data is collected and stored in each department, all of which, in combination, should contribute to the effectiveness of the company. What is usually missing is the central interface that collects all data of any format and makes it visible to all decision makers in the company.

PIM System

This process is performed by so-called PIM systems. The abbreviation stands for Product Information Management, i.e. the curation, administration and provision of data and information via several output media. A PIM system enables several departments within a company to store relevant data, product information, company facts or personnel data, even independent of location. This data is stored centrally and media-neutral, so that it is available again on any output media. Ideally, various decision-makers within a company can easily obtain all relevant data from other departments from a central application. In times of increasing digitalization and big data, i.e. the accumulation of sometimes gigantic amounts of data, a centralized data management solution makes sense not only from an organizational but also from a business management point of view.

PIM Software

Of course, the PIM software must be specifically built into the IT infrastructure of a company. The basis of this infrastructure is usually a relational database with SQL. An application server is set up on this system, which manages the corresponding PIM system. A few PIM systems also have an Open Source Charackter, which makes it possible to add numerous plug-ins and extensions, for example to an enterprise resource planning system such as SAP, resource planning or the catalogue of the ONLINESHOP. This means that the software can be used in almost all areas of the company. Be it resource planning of numerous service employees, the creation and control of an online shop catalogue or the general CONTENT of a WEBSITE.

Pimcore as the perfect solution

The most intuitive PIM solution from our point of view comes from Austria and is called Pimcore. This web-based application based on PHP uses the MySQL/MariaDB database system and runs via Zend Framework. The reason why we as an agency appreciate Pimcore so much is not only the intuitive and clear backend structure, but also the possibility to integrate numerous external solutions through API interfaces. The open source approach of this PIM solution allows the connection to systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and many other systems and is therefore perfectly suited for the B2B sector as well as for B2C customers of any size. In addition, Pimcore offers an attractive WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, which enables the presentation of content on different devices. This includes digital asset management, the trouble-free conversion of digital media so that they can be displayed on different end devices of any size and operating system. With the also included e-commerce framework Pimcore offers relevant IT solutions integrated from one source. This eliminates the tedious integration of solutions from different providers, which often do not cooperate with each other without problems. Numerous awards in the last years show that Pimcore has convinced other IT experts and professionals in the field of web development.

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