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Instagram Marketing

Who is still on Facebook? It feels like everyone has moved on to Instagram. The network is cooler and simpler. No wonder the Facebook group has grabbed it for itself.

What started as a platform for people who wanted to show off vacation photos or culinary specialties is now a gathering place for businesses, INFLUENCERS, brands, and the occasional individual. Instagram has become a huge playground for image building and RECRUITING. Despite all the ease, some important things still need to be considered. Because what looks easy is often hard work.

The increase of brands that have developed a presence on the platform is unmissable. But is Instagram worth the time and should every business be on the platform as well? The answer is yes:

  • Instagram boasts over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories.
  • 60% of adults use Instagram
  • There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram 
  • 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business
  • 72% of users say they have bought a product they saw on the platform.

Basic elements for Instagram marketing

What points need to be considered when positioning a COMPANY on Instagram?

Switch to a company profile


An Instagram business profile comes with some advantages. For example, followers can click the contact button to get in touch with the business directly from the Instagram page.

A business profile makes it possible to create Instagram ads without having to use Facebook's advertising tools - although Facebook Ads advertising is even more in-depth. Also, Instagram provides analytics tools, called Insights, that provide statistics on the impressions and reach of your posts.

Once the free perks that come with a business profile are unlocked, companies can use them to track metrics and begin to understand their audience.

Use free Instagram tools

Statistics such as impressions, user data and more can be viewed via Insights.

These tools are great for understanding how users interact with content.

Create sponsored ads

Of course, advertising on the platform has become commonplace. If you want to achieve large reach, you either have to achieve viral posts or help it along with money. However, by setting an advertising budget, you can control exactly how much to spend. 

Before sponsored ads, only users who follow a profile could see updates and photos. Now, brands can promote their photos to anyone who fits their target audience to further increase their reach.

Sponsored ads with content that is engaging and at the same time appeals to the target audience are ideal. It is also possible to convert existing posts into sponsored ads. This way, top posts can be kept in mind.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the perfect Tool for Lead Generation.

For example, stories are suitable for companies to publish "behind-the-scenes" content. We use Stories in OUR ACCOUNT for exactly this kind of content.

Instagram Stories is a practical tool to present yourself as a company and to try it out, because Stories don't necessarily have to be as high quality as regular posts.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

The principle behind INFLUENCER MARKETING is simple. Companies recruit an Instagram account to present their products. During the selection process, care must be taken to ensure that the partner addresses the right target group for the product. This guarantees a higher conversion rate. If a company sells dog food, for example, it should turn to an Instagram account that presents dogs anyway.

In this post, a dog food brand is promoted by an account that showcases German Shepherds. So the combination of product and target audience is very coherent. However, this tactic should be taken with a grain of salt. If the product is presented clumsily, if the influencer does not fit the brand or if he overestimates his influence on the target group, this shot can quickly backfire. Companies need to look very hard in advance to see if there is an influencer who is an ideal fit for the brand. Only then does this tactic actually make sense.

Instagram Reels

Reels are a new way to record short clips that are accompanied by music on Instagram. If this concept sounds a little familiar, virtually everyone compares Instagram Reels to TIKTOK!

Similar to TikTok, users can record 15-second video clips with music and post them to their Stories. Users can choose from a huge music library, take audio from other videos, or record their own soundtrack. There's also a handy video countdown timer and the ability to adjust the speed of the video - just like TikTok.

Use Instagram Reels for Marketing Purposes

Similar to TikTok Marketing, Instagram Reels allow businesses to create entertaining content for their followers. For social media marketing, this means: Run unique challenges that encourage your followers to participate. Challenge your community to share your content under a unique hashtag. For a video to go "viral" or at least achieve high reach and engagement, it needs to be special, appeal to the target audience, and be easy to emulate. In addition to challenges, Instagram reels can also be used to provide exceptional insights into a company. This can be a creative and unusual way to show the use of a product or provide a behind-the-scenes look.

Since Instagram is actively attacking TikTok with reels, these formats will have enormous visibility in the feed for the foreseeable future. Companies should take advantage of this.


Instagram dominates the social media world. With over 1 billion monthly users, it's the ideal place to share images. Instagram presence is indispensable as a business these days. Additional targeted Instagram marketing measures are a sensible investment for any company. In principle, however, the best marketing tool is always high-quality content that is appropriate for the target group. The decisive factor is usually not the large distribution, but the appropriate address for your target group.



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