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A career at DGTLS means a lot more than just working on exciting projects, using outstanding technologies and profiting from various benefits.

We even offer you free choice of the destination you would like to work in. Since we are all part of interdisciplinary teams, you are free to go wherever you want. Improve your Spanish in Barcelona, enjoy living in pulsating Munich or raise your family in the beautiful Bavarian countryside in Traunstein – the choice is yours.


We are looking for Junior and Senior Frontend Developer. Of course, you can also apply as a Backend Developer or Fullstack-Developer.


DGTLS is the place to be!


Your Career in Munich

    Cosmopolitan city with rural flair



    Your Career in Barcelona

      The South is calling



      Your Career in Traunstein

        Picture Perfect Bavaria


        Our Benefits

        We hold ourselves to the highest standards, as this is the only way to satisfy our clients and complete multiple projects perfectly and on time. Obviously, there are stressful times, but we believe that hard work always pays off. That’s why we offer many benefits to our employees.

        State-of-the-art Technologies

        We always strive for the best possible results for our customers. The best way to achieve that is a combination of great employees and outstanding technology. Therefore, we make sure to update our hardware.

        Assistance in finding an apartment

        New job, now what’s next? Where to stay? Which district is the best? What about public transportation? Don´t worry - we'll assist you in finding the best apartment.

        Assistance in finding a kindergarten

        Relocating can be hard on families. Especially in big cities like Munich, finding a kindergarten spot is tough. We support you in getting situated, so that you're able to focus on your projects.

        Daily fresh fruit

        Our employees and their health are important to us. That’s why we offer fresh fruit for free.

        Coffee and Drinks

        Water & Club Mate as much as you want. Free-flowing coffee and beer after 6 p.m., sponsored by the agency.

        Flexible working hours

        Your kid needs to see the doctor in the morning? You have an appointment in the afternoon? You'd rather start earlier and enjoy the early evening? No problem with our flexible working hours.

        Moving Service

        New job – new challenges. Moving to a new city can be hard. We are aware of this – that’s why we help you organize everything. Less stress means you have more time to work on your projects.

        Home Office

        Waiting to get something fixed at home? Just let us know and you can work from home.

        Transport Connections

        You don´t need a car. All locations have excellent access to public transportation. Still want to come by car? No problem, there are also enough parking spaces.

        Modern Offices

        All our locations are modern workplaces and create a unique atmosphere, based on the location.

        Packet station

        Late on your Christmas shopping and need to order it online? Just change the delivery address to our office – as long as it is not your new washing machine…

        Internal Celebrations

        Working in an agency can be stressful. To clear our minds and connect with our colleagues on a more casual basis, we hold monthly get-togethers. Feel free to join. 

        Rooftop Patio

        Our coworkers in Traunstein are lucky. They enjoy a breathtaking view of the nearby Alps while enjoying their lunch at the rooftop patio.


        Go swimming before work? Celebrate the GoLive of a project with a cocktail? No problem, our office is super close to the beach. (It takes a bit more time from Munich or Traunstein though...)


        We have a limited number of parking spaces in front of our offices or in the underground garage. First come, first serve. When you impress your boss, the next performance review would be a good moment to talk about a personalized parking space.

        Team Events

        We are proud of our team and the work we constantly put in. To reward everyone for their dedication, we offer multiple team events. We believe that hard work has to pay off. Plus, it’s a great way to improve our team spirit. Just check out our Instagram to get an idea. 

        Team Cooking

        Surely, anyone in contact with clients or any coding expert knows their way around the kitchen, right? Once a month we find out just what fuels our colleagues. The monthly team cooking pairs two randomly chosen team members to cook lunch for the whole office. Anything from vegan, to Bavarian specialties, to soul food is on the menu. Usually it tastes good, but it’s always a fun time.

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        Stefan Maier

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        Christoph Münch

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