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About us

We are the full-service agency with a digital focus with offices in Munich, Traunstein, Barcelona and Vienna. Since 2007, we have been conceiving, designing and programming individual website projects, creating sophisticated designs, developing successful advertising campaigns and much more for our customers. Not only do we offer individual solutions for our customers - our team also benefits from this. We have professionals working in the areas of Digital Experiences, Digital Advertising and Digital Transformation.

Get to know us

Loosely based on "Life of Brian": We are all individuals!

Here you can find your future colleagues. Look who we are.

Why you should join us

What makes us who we are? Courageous creative minds who set high standards for themselves every day and bring in new impulses. To achieve this, we rely on flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and mutual trust. Whether in a customer meeting, in the home office or in a beer tent - we are a well-coordinated team.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for problem solvers, tacklers, team players and creative minds. Are you communicative, organized, wild, creative, detailed, committed, success-oriented and open? Then you are just like us - then you are DGTLS.

You have feedback, questions or just wanted to say hello? Is there a topic you'd like us to write about in a post? Just contact us.

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