Design Trends 2020: This is this year’s aesthetic!

New year, new trends. Design is always changing: past trends come back in new shapes, often combined with modern technology. And this continues with this year’s trends! 

The internet changed rapidly in the past decade. We observed the development of mobile devices, and the introduction of AR, VR, AI and so many more combinations of letters. These new technologies make websites more interactive, apps smarter and branding more unique. 

DGTLS knows the trends and uses the freshest designs for our customers. Here are the new Buzzwords: 


Smooth water-like animations are coming! 

Other than constructed geometrical shapes with strict lines and curves, liquid forms suggest creativity, dynamics and movement. Often combined with other effects like transparencies, shining colors, gradients and animations, they stick out even more. 

Retro Colors: Earthy tones 

The 50ies have always been a great source of inspiration for designers.  

With these earthy tones designers create compositions that remind us of 50ies living rooms. Retro colors are less saturated, feel a bit more dull than other tones and create a vintage feeling. Brand identities, packaging, typography and labelling will also be impacted by retro styles. 


Doodle Collages 

These tiny scribbles we used to draw in our notebooks are getting popular! 

Doodles have been a trend in illustration for some time now and appeared on the web pretty soon after as well. They give websites an informal, personal and self-made character. In 2020, designers will combine photos with simple illustrations, replace parts of images with doodles and interact with each other. 






Do you remember 2018’s “Duotone” design trend? Now duo becomes mono! 

While shadows and highlights had different colors in duotone, they will now become different tones of brightness of the same color. Thanks to so-called monochrome color filters, images stand out while seeming simpler and more harmonic. Things get interesting once you color only parts of an image!  



Typography craze 

It’s gonna get even more crazy. In order to create more innovative and modern compositions, designers step up their typography game. This trend will get even bigger in 2020. Visually and literally! 

Decorating artsy typography with flowers, geometrical shapes and creative elements is often the perfect solution to draw attention. Combined with the bold typography trend from 2018, artsy typography will pop in 2020. 

Mario de Meyer    Moshik Nadav Typography    Piano TRio Fest    Readymag

Isometric illustrations 

Tiny dream worlds with a 3D look stay prominent. 

Isometric illustrations have been included in trend listings for years now, naturally going through many transformations in that time. They are often used tor infographics, presentations and websites, being appreciated for their ability of displaying 3D objects on 2D surfaces. We will see them again in 2020, but to be honest we are starting to get enough of them. 


Image & Text masking 

Also in 2020, images will get a modern touch by clipping masks.   

Clipping masks often hide a big part of images and texts and create a mysterious and minimalistic visual. Designers will continue composing these masks and combining them with bold typography to create outstanding effects. 




Chatbots 2.0 

Our trust in them is increasing, but what exactly are Chatbots? 

Chatbots can be used in many ways. They get their job done in an automated and optimized manner. For an instance, they communicate over many channels without losing data and give specific answers to user’s questions.

They have been around for quite some time now, increasing the demand of customers. Thanks to the development of AI and machine learning, they are becoming more intelligent and efficient. Whether they appear as mascots or friendly faces of a service employees, they will become more and more prominent in the future. 




Street Art 

Graffiti and Street Art remind us of 70ies Punk, 80ies Neon and 90ies Grunge. 

This art form has no specific target group. Street art is appreciated by people for its missing rules and movement in joy and freedom. It can be interpreted in many ways, which makes it the perfect art form to make you think. 



Dark Mode 

Deep black instead of clean white – dark design is used on more and more smartphones and desktops. 

The Dark Mode is an inversed color scheme, consisting of bright typography, UI-Elements and icons places on a dark background. It’s not only its stylish looks that make it the most wanted feature for smartphone users. Once users change to Dark Mode, they rarely go back. Especially young users prefer the Dark Mode – it’s simply cool. 


Line Art  

Outlined typography and illustrations are evolving… 

…into fully illustrated and animated line patterns and designs. Geometrical lines are used for manmade technological objects, while organic ones consist of curved lines. 2020’s Line Art will be more elegant and beautiful and will make it stand out more than ever.  


Eclectic: the art of creating one concept out of many different ideas and design styles. 

Certainly a very hard task, but every single website or corporate identity created with this concept will definitely be unique. Outstanding brush strokes, doodles, color stains or hand drawn illustrations. Stop raster based layouts, go asymmetric dynamic! 



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